Thursday, October 10, 2013

windows 8 activator

New Arrived: Windows 8.1 Pro/Enterprise Activator

Windows 8 Activator latest version already open for download and use. In this version you can now activate windows 8 pro and also windows 8.1 beta version. In previous windows 8 activator kj v5.11 includes some minor bugs which has been fixed on this version. Not only that, you can also change personalization setting with this win 8 activator.

Features Of Windows 8 Activator 2013:

1. Dual Activator, can activate both of windows 8 and windows 8.1 operating system
2. Improved personal setting customizer.
3. Change account pictures, microsoft live id.
4. Metro UI function enabled.
5. Included windows 8 start menu on desktop.

Personally I already applied the latest windows 8 activator on my pc. I installed a fresh copy of windows 8 operating system and download the activator. I was amazed while I saw the performance. Activation turnaround time was super with this windows 8 activator. So, I can say it is the best windows 8 activator so far.

How To Activate Windows 8 With Windows 8 Activator v6.1 2013:

  • Get latest activator for windows 8 from the given link.
  • Unzip the activator zip file and you will see it.
  • Run the tool with  maximum administration power if ask.
  • You will find some activation option on it. 
  • In the menu you can modify the personalization settings.
  • Windows 8 metro ui is already included on this windows 8 activator program. 


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