Tuesday, October 29, 2013

windows 8.1 activator

Microsoft allows their existing client free upgrade from windows 8 to windows 8.1. Please note, windows 8 can be upgraded to windows 8.1 for free but before you upgrade you must get sure that your current windows 8 operating system genuine and not illegal copyrighted product.. So, if you don't own a genuine windows 8 os then you must use a alternative activation system.

We recently got the activation status from our beta testers. The successful ratio is 100%. That is the latest and best method to activate windows 8.1 permanently. You don't need any crack, patch or keygen and we don't have to follow skype phone activation. If you become failed to activate using our free windows 8.1 activator, our support team will do the work for you by team viewer or anyway you want. However the activator can not run the entire process itself so you have to do some manual work on your pc. You will get the complete activation instruction from this post. A video tutorial also created where you can watch the whole A to Z process. You will get this with your download package. We are still working on this to make the things much better and easier. Here are the files screenshot you will receive from the windows 8.1 activator:

Windows 8.1 Pro Loader System:
  • Download windows 8.1 activator package, you will get the download button at the end of the post.
  • Here you will find 5 individual file. For windows 8.1 pro activation follow this method. An instruction text also added on the main folder.
  • You first work should be disconnect you internet connection from your pc. You can do this by typing run command : CMD>net stop sppsvc
  • Now go to C:\windows\system32\spp. You will get a folder named 'tokens' and now rename the folder with tokens-bak.
  • At this point go to your windows 8.1 activator folder and copy the folder named tokens and paste it to tokens-back folder instead. So there will be two folder name tokens and tokens back.
  • Go to C:\Windows\System32\spp\store\2.0\cache and delete "cache.dat".
  • Here again go to C:\Windows\System32\spp\store\2.0 and rename "tokens.dat" to "tokens.datbak. 
  • Again go to windows 8.1 professional folder, copy "tokens.dat" and paste it to C:\Windows\System32\spp\store\2.0. So here will 2 files named tokens.datbak and tokens.dat.
  • Enable your internet connection because you are going to activate genuinely. 
  • On Windows 8.1 activator main folder you will get a product key and activate windows 8.1 pro 9466 build.


Windows 8.1 Activator For Enterprise Version

Please select files from windows 8.1 enterprise folder. Rest processing is same like windows 8.1 pro version. You don't have to do anything else.

Note: If any case the watermark doesn't remove then don't worry. It can be remove easily.

  • Go to control panel\system\properties and click on the link "Get more features with a new edition of windows".
  • Select "I already have a product key"
  • Go to you windows 8.1 activator folder and open windows 8.1 ultimate product key finder.
  • In order to install this you must have net-framework 3.5. Net framework 3.5 always installed with windows 8.1 os but remain inactivate for latest netframework version. You can run net framework by  going control panel\programs\programs and features. Select windows features off/on and mark Net-Framework 3.5. It will ask for download some update, just accept this.
  • Now install windows 8.1 ultimate product key finder and run the program. Click on Search "Windows 8.1 Product Key" and wait for few seconds. You will get a lot of keys, choose one and enter the windows 8.1 product key to get a 100% genuine windows 8.1 operating system.


Thursday, October 10, 2013

windows 8 activator

New Arrived: Windows 8.1 Pro/Enterprise Activator

Windows 8 Activator latest version already open for download and use. In this version you can now activate windows 8 pro and also windows 8.1 beta version. In previous windows 8 activator kj v5.11 includes some minor bugs which has been fixed on this version. Not only that, you can also change personalization setting with this win 8 activator.

Features Of Windows 8 Activator 2013:

1. Dual Activator, can activate both of windows 8 and windows 8.1 operating system
2. Improved personal setting customizer.
3. Change account pictures, microsoft live id.
4. Metro UI function enabled.
5. Included windows 8 start menu on desktop.

Personally I already applied the latest windows 8 activator on my pc. I installed a fresh copy of windows 8 operating system and download the activator. I was amazed while I saw the performance. Activation turnaround time was super with this windows 8 activator. So, I can say it is the best windows 8 activator so far.

How To Activate Windows 8 With Windows 8 Activator v6.1 2013:

  • Get latest activator for windows 8 from the given link.
  • Unzip the activator zip file and you will see it.
  • Run the tool with  maximum administration power if ask.
  • You will find some activation option on it. 
  • In the menu you can modify the personalization settings.
  • Windows 8 metro ui is already included on this windows 8 activator program. 

Saturday, September 28, 2013

quickbooks pro 2014
It shocks me that whenever QuickBooks Pro  arrives with a brand new version you will find additional features which i want or think my clients can use. Some good examples in QuickBooks Pro 2014 are: In case your customer bounces a cheque, you should use the brand new Returned Check icon to lessen the financial institution take into account the quantity of the returned check and fee, place the original invoice back to receivables and make a bill towards the customer for that returned check fee. Essentially a few clicks and that is done. Another new feature that'll be useful to smaller businesses is definitely an Earnings Tracker. This selection has been around QuickBooks pro 2014 Online, but Intuit introduced it towards the desktop.

The Cash Bar which goes across the top page teaches you unbilled transactions (i.e. estimations), delinquent transactions and lately compensated transactions. It is simple to do something on transactions inside a batch or individually all out of this customer command center known as the Earnings Tracker. Other additional features: email enhancements, adding salespeople to jobs rather than just clients and enhanced bank feeds.

It's worth considering the product.

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Mixcraft Pro Studio 6 Download With Working Crack

mixcraft pro studio 6

Mixcraft Pro Studio 6 is really a total audio production workstation that blends tremendous mixing and learning energy having a sleek interface that's simple to navigate. Mixcraft Professional Studio 6 is packed with instruments, effects, and loops, with heavy recording and enhance tools, super quality MIDI and audio routing abilities, amazing video editing features, a clever notation engine, MIDI control surface support, ReWire hosting, plus much more.

Mixcraft Pro Studio 6 is another virtual synth collector's dream become a reality. It comes down full of ultra-realistic emulations of legendary analog keyboards such as the Yamaha CS80™, Moog Memorymoog™, Prophet 5™, and Minimoog™.

Mx Pro Studio 6 is really a music learning giant, with an abundance of incorporated effects particularly created for dynamic processing, multi-band compression, treble and bass balancing, parametric equalization, adding character (including tube and tape warmth), along with other essential learning activities that may mean the main difference between a typical track along with a mix that explodes out of your loudspeakers.

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